Artist Statement

Different levels of reality, frozen situations between facts and fiction fascinate me. I examine these themes by making constructions out of paper and cardboard, which I subsequently photograph. Building a mock-up is a crucial first step to make the real or fictional world tangible in a different way. By placing a construction between the object and its representation, this object is perceived indirectly and appears less ominous. Color, flatness and structure of the paper abstract the appearance of the real object. Space and reduction become image-forming features.

Layering, constructing and photographing - analog sculpturing is complemented by digital possibilities. The results are images, alternating between the three-dimensionality of the form and the flatness of the paper.


Residenzstipendium Future Lab - Kunst in neuen digitalen Räumen
Nomination Vonovia Award "Best Photo Series" (Vonovia Award - shortlist)
Teaching assignment at the University of Fine Arts Essen
degree Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Fine Arts Essen
Laureate 1. RANOVA-Award 2016/2017
Study Fine Arts at the University of Fine Arts Essen, student of prof. Thomas Wrede and prof. Carsten Gliese
Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands


"Brennpunkte", RKB, Forum Kunst und Architektur, Essen
"One Village", solo-exhibition Szeniale, Gelsenkirchen

"VERORTUNG", Stadtmuseum Münster / Friedrich-Hundt-Gesellschaft e.V., Münster (FHG Münster)
"Storyboard", solo-exhibition Gallery Obrist, Essen (+Basement Obrist)
"SCHAUfenster à la Art“, Kunstpreis des Landkreises Alzey-Worms, Wörrstadt

"First Class“, Gallery Art Room, Düsseldorf (Art Room Düsseldorf)
"Future Artists Future“, Forum Kunst und Architektur, Essen (FKA Essen)
"Now“, Gallery Clowns und Pferde, Essen
DIE GROSSE, Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf (DIE GROSSE Kunstausstellung NRW)
"Story-telling", solo exhibition RANOVA, Unna

"Winterausstellung ZKE Projekt“, Zeche Königin Elisabeth, Essen (Fotografie als Medium in der Kunst)
"Upcoming Masters of Photography DGPh“, Photokina, Köln
"Revierkunst“, Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund
"IN vitro“, Rechenzentrum der Universität zu Köln (Kunst im RRZK)

"5. Essener Förderpreis“, Nominierung und Ausstellung, Essen
"Degree Show 2015“, HBK Essen